BAJA EXPEDITIONS: We are passionate about vehicle-supported Expedition travel but dissatisfied with the then-current paradigm of 4WD and Adventure Travel agencies & Clubs, which stressed conquering trails rather than exploring the world. We dreamed of producing a high-quality organization devoted as much to the journey as to the vehicle and the equipment, a organization that would inspire to explore their own world, whether on a weekend trip 100 miles from home or a cross-continental expedition in another hemisphere. And they dreamed of an organization that would recognize there are places where motorized vehicles simply don't belong, that would encourage further exploration by kayak, canoe, and backpack.

We organize Expeditions to lonely, unexplored sites, usually never visited by tourism agencies or 4 x 4 Clubs. We organize vehicle-supported Expedition Travel to Lonely destinations usually untouched by mass tourism, our main destinations are: Morocco, Central Sahara (Argel & Lybia) & South Africa: Central Africa Republic, Cameroon, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbawbwe, South-Africa, Mexico (Baja California, Sonora, Chihahua, Durango, Sinaloa), West EE.UU (Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California), Middle East (Jordan, Oman, Abu-Dabi), Iceland, Alaska and The Top of the World

On this website we try to  put together our different experiences and our synergies, our target is transform the journey in a real expedition, following the path of the old explorers and travelers of the ending XIX Century and early XXth Century. Other words, travels absolutely surprising, magical, where each traveler feel completely involved, funny and really, really interesting. We act as a team, everybody helps everybody, nobody will feel alone or isolated when a problem happens. TEAM STRONGNEES. Obviously the Pathfinder takes the responsibility to guide the expedition getting it successful, but everybody can contribute with his own knowledge doing the experience more interesting.

All the profit we can get will be donate to the Primary School of MAMBELE (Central African Republic) – Audit. Per Audi France – We would be supportive; this is our way to help the poorest people, bringing back to Africa who brings to us a lot.